Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Welcome to Because I'm Frugal

Welcome to Because I'm Frugal. I've been running a successful family/sewing blog, Because I'm Me, for quite some time and realized it was time to give the penny pinching and money saving I do a blog of it's own.

I'm a single Mom to 6 terrific kids. About two years ago I walked out of divorce mediation with a signed agreement that left the kids and I short each month financially. I sat down, wrote out all the bills and fixed expenses (utilities), and figured out what the shortage was. Then I set a goal - to be able to travel with the kids - and a plan - get out of debt and buy an RV - and got to work making that a reality.

Making that goal a reality is one heck of a task, and quite a journey. How do you get out of debt when you can't make it through the month? My plan is to share that journey - successes, "learning experiences " (um, failures), ups and downs, progress (we've got a long way to go!), etc. here in the hopes that someone else can benefit.

Again, welcome. I'm glad you're here.
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