Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fun and Free Wednesday - Movie Night

Each Wednesday I will post a free, or almost free, fun family activity. Please share yours in the comments, I'd love to add some guest posts to this feature.

Every so often a group gathers for Movie Night. We all bring chairs, snacks, and blankets and enjoy a kid-friendly movie. One family has a warehouse with a huge white wall, perfect for a movie projector. It really is like being in a theater, but without the high cost of a ticket. The movies last until bedtime, and make a memorable weekend night.

I scored a Blockbuster deal through Groupon a while ago, paying $2 for 5 movie rentals, which I've offered to contribute to Movie Night.

Even without a large white wall and a projector this could be a fun event -- just a bunch of friends hanging out in the family room to watch a movie, bring your own popcorn.
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