Monday, February 6, 2012

A Reminder: Ask for Lower Rates

The other day I called the phone company to ask about cancelling my home phone service, but keeping my internet service. They provided the information and then let me know that a new offer had just come out which would lower my bill $10 per month AND upgrade my internet speed ... with no negative changes to my account.

I said, "Heck yes, sign me up." I am still considering cancelling the home phone service and looking at alternatives, but haven't made a decision yet.

Cable and phone companies are very competitive right now, for good reason.
  • in most areas your home phone company can provide your cable and internet service
  • your cable company can provide your cable and phone service
  • in some areas there is direct competition between phone or cable companies
  • many people have given up home phone service and use only their cell phone
  • many people have given up cable, watching tv on the internet
  • magicJack
  • Roku
If you haven't called your cable and home telephone provider lately to request a better rate do so. And shop around. 
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