Friday, January 13, 2012

Tip: Save a Tree

Well, maybe not a whole tree, but every little bit helps!
Keep a basket next to your printer, or in some other area convenient to your family,  for paper that's no longer useable (and not full of confidential information) but still clean on one side - what we commonly refer to as "scrap paper".

Use this paper for:
  • kids to color and scribble on, to practice cutting on, and to use under craft projects.
  • printing coupons on the clean side, the store doesn't care one bit what the other side looks like and it won't affect the useability of the coupon at all
  • scrap paper for jotting notes
  • doodling
  • shredding, then use it as packing material
  • paper airplanes - if you have children and they can make an airplane they need a good stash of paper to use or they'll go through every ream of copy paper in the house before you can say "cleared for take-off", I know
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