Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tip: Uses for Leftover Wrapping Paper

After Monday's post about what to do with leftover candy canes (I love that someone took the time and energy to create that yummy list) I decided to follow the "leftover holiday things" theme for this weeks tips.

Today, what to do with leftover wrapping paper. I have a few ideas, please feel free to add your ideas in the comments.
  • Shred it and use it as packaging material
  • Wrap tree ornaments in crumpled wrinkly leftover wrapping paper
  • Use as a mat in a picture frame
  • Laminate to use as a placemat
  • Add large squares to the kids craft supplies - great for practicing cutting and gluing, and as a colored paper for craft projects
  • Reuse it for wrapping in the future by carefully folding and storing it
  • Ball it up and toss it to the cat
  • Use it as fire starter paper
  • Practice paper folding arts with it
  • Decoupage, either large pieces or cut out shapes
  • Incorporate bits of it into holiday scrapbooking pages
  • Trace sewing patterns onto it, it's sturdier than newsprint and usually plain on one side
  • Create rolled and decoupaged paper beads for necklaces
  • Give some to the kids to create and cut out shapes for Grandparent Christmas cards
  • Cut or shred it into confetti
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