Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tip: Uses for Leftover Turkey

After Monday's post about what to do with leftover candy canes (I love that someone took the time and energy to create that yummy list) I decided to follow the "leftover holiday things" theme for this weeks tips.

Today, what to do with leftover turkey (these ideas are good for roasted chicken too). I'd love to hear your ham ideas as well.
  • turkey sandwiches, of course
  • turkey salad and turkey salad sandwiches
  • turkey broth - place turkey carcass in a huge pot of water, add some onion, celery, salt, and pepper and simmer overnight (if he's small you can do this in the crock pot), strain, and store in labeled containers, from the leftovers of our Thanksgiving turkey I was able to make 16 cups of flavorful broth
  • turkey vegetable soup
  • freeze leftovers for a later meal
  • google for recipes
What do you do with your leftover turkey or ham?
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