Friday, December 16, 2011

Tip: Uses for Leftover Gift Packaging

After Monday's post about what to do with leftover candy canes (I love that someone took the time and energy to create that yummy list) I decided to follow the "leftover holiday things" theme for this weeks tips.

Today, what to do with leftover gift packaging.
  • give the boxes to the children and let them build a fort, a town, a robot, here is a link with some fun cardboard projects
  • give little boxes to the children to store their treasures
  • save and reuse the twist ties
  • iron plastic bags together to create a workable fabric and then make yourself a New Year's Eve dress or suit (or tote bag)
  • white packing foam and peanuts make great play snow for kids to play with
  • white packing foam and peanuts make great snow for holiday displays
  • plastic display "windows" make great dollhouse windows and clear craft project backdrops (and one of my sons is looking for some for a windshield for his pinewood derby car)
  • use boxes to label, organize, and store items
  • save the boxes and tissue to reuse next year
  • if you find no practical use for the insane quantity of packaging that comes with a Barbie and most things made by Fisher Price ... recycle
What other creative ideas do you have?
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