Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tip: Postage

Two tips today. 

First, packages can be mailed from your front door, even priority mail and most international mail. Printing postage online, rather than heading to the post office and waiting in line, also results in a discounted price for priority and express mail and free delivery confirmation. The process is very simple and certainly a time, fuel, and money saver. Kind of hard to beat that deal!

At the USPS.com site you can also order stamps and free priority mail shipping products, which will then be delivered to your front door.

I keep a 25 lb. electronic postal scale nearby, which I purchased on eBay for less than $15 many years ago. I simply use that to weigh my packages, then calculate and print the postage. That's the whole of that.

At the postal service site it is possible to also request a package pickup. They've thought of just about everything, haven't they?

Second, stamps are about to get more expensive. Buy "forever" stamps now at $.44 each and they'll be worth $.45 after the rate increases on January 22nd. Saving $.01 per stamp is not big news, but the rate is highly likely to increase again in the near future as the United States Postal Service continues to struggle.

Have you found alternatives to the rising cost of postage? Please share your ideas here.
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