Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fun and Free Wednesday (On Thursday ... Again) Grand Adventure

The other day we stumbled upon a new park, not much more visible from the entrance but a small sign. Up for an adventure we turned in and followed the gravel roadway, wondering what could possibly be ahead. 

A covered picnic table. And the road continued. Another covered picnic table, this one backed by what appeared to be a small path. No playground, no water park, no ball courts, not even a restroom.

But maybe that path was the passageway to Grand Adventure. So we meandered.

And we did indeed find Grand Adventure. Over an hour was spent exploring the floating docks and accompanying sealife, enjoying I-Spy while examining bits and pieces of nature beneath the pathways, and playing freely at the swampy edges of a large grass playspace (complete with hills to roll on, anthills creating obstacle courses requiring great precision, and echoing shelter posts begging to be banged into musical instruments).

Our Fun and Free this week ... Grand Adventure. These impromptu treks are often our most memorable and most fun happenings ... the play isn't planned, there are few rules and restrictions (just the legal and safety ones!), and the brains get to go, go, go (and, often, I get a rest while they explore and play).

I can't wait to hear about your Grand Adventures.

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