Monday, October 17, 2011

Tip: Homemade Baby Wipes

Here's my recipe for homemade wipes ... feel free to adjust it, there's nothing scientific about it.

1 roll Bounty select-a-size paper towel (I am fussy about the paper towel I use, other brands can shred and I like the smaller size of these sheets)
2-3 cups water
2 T. baby wash or gentle liquid soap
2 T. baby oil or lotion

Mix the liquids together with a whisk in a sealable tub large enough to hold the paper towel roll. Bring to a boil in microwave (optional, but keeps the mix fresh longer, in my opinion). While the liquid mixture is coming to a boil cut the paper towel roll down the middle, to make two 1/2 rolls, with electric bread knife. Put the paper towel rolls in the water mix.

After your concoction sits a bit and the water soaks through pull out the cardboard center tubes. As you use the paper towel wipes pull them from the center - a delightful little dispenser.


Target Baby Wipes
box of 792 costs $13.69   
$.0173 each

Homemade Baby Wipes using Bounty Select-a-size rolls from Sam's Club, each roll cut in half
1 roll has 154 sheets, or 308 when cut in half costs $1.62
$.0052 each

That's huge savings.

In addition to saving money, you aren't putting alcohol or any other painful ingredients on your baby's bottom. I started using this mix when one of my kids had a terrible rash from roto-virus. He couldn't stand the pain of the wipes we were using so I made my own ... what a difference. He was more comfortable and his skin healed more quickly.
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