Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Higher Food Prices Coming

It has been widely rumored that peanut prices are going to go up, as much as 40%, within the next few weeks, due to bad weather in peanut growing areas.

Flour and pecans may also rise in price.

Right now, Target has a peanut butter deal (via Fiddledeedee):
Planter's Peanut Butter (16.3 oz): $1.99
$.75/1 Target coupon - HERE
= $1.24

Publix has a $1 off any one Skippy Product store coupon available HERE that can be stacked with a Skippy manufacturers coupon for a great deal. Even without a stack it's a good deal, as the price of the peanut butter (15 to 16.3 oz.) is $1.99.

In my house, with five growing kids, three of whom are happy (um, hell-bent is more accurate) to eat peanut butter every single day, "stocking up" is rather futile, I know that what I buy won't last long, but I will be making an effort to stock up this week.

I've looked at the costs of many "peanut butter alternatives" and their prices seem to be about $5 and up per pound, which would mean the cost of peanut butter would have to rise at least 250% to make them cost effective alternatives (though they are still wonderful allergy alternatives).

I'm going to price out making my own peanut butter after buying peanuts in bulk, but I have a feeling it won't be a great cost savings as "ugly" nuts can be used in peanut butter, but are usually sifted out of what's sold in bulk. I'll report back with my findings though.

I gave some thought to moving to Georgia and growing my own peanuts, but after a half-second of consideration that didn't seem like the most cost effective way to go.

The costs of most foods have risen this year. It's important to keep looking for healthy low-cost alternatives and to adjust overall spending with the knowledge that food prices have risen, and are likely to continue to rise.

What is your "peanut butter plan", if anything?
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